SCEFL Super Six Prediction League


Fresh and new for Season 2019/20 is our SCEFL Super Six Prediction League!

A simple competition for fans of the SCEFL to pit their knowledge against each other to find out who really knows our two Divisions the best!

Each week six games will be selected for people to predict the scorelines. Points are awarded for how close their predictions were to the real scorelines. A table will then show who has the most points. Simple!

Week 18 Results (25th January)

Erith & Belvedere 0-3 Hollands & Blair (4 Correct Predictions)
Fisher 0-0 Erith Town (0 Correct Predictions)
Erith & Belvedere P-P Crowborough Athletic (Match Postponed)
Kennington 1-0 Sutton Athletic (0 Correct Predictions)
Lydd Town 4-2 Greenways (0 Correct Predictions)
Snodland Town 1-1 Meridian VP (8 Correct Predictions)

Not too many correct predictions this time around so overall it was a fairly low scoring week.

Pat McDonagh top scored overall with an impressive 16 points after being the only person to correctly predict 2 games.

Mark Tonkin picked up 13 points while Dan Morrin, Alan Hawkins and Jack Baker collected 12.

Ronaldinho still leads overall but the pack are closing!

Predictions for Week 19 are available below the table.

Table after Week 18 – 25th Jan

NumberNameWeek 18Total Points
2Barry Patching7148
2Garry Aldred 7148
4Thomas Massey 9145
5Steve Lewis 9144
6Barry Fenn 8143
7Ian Colley 8141
9Alan Hawkins12138
9Andy Totham6138
9Crowborough Exile6138
12Mark Tonkin13137
13Paul Caulfield7135
14Andrew Thomas 6131
15Jim Maycock7130
16Martin Johnson9129
17Carol Hill4128
17Mick The Dere7128
19Ian Cowley5127
19Mark R9127
21Andy Allen4122
21Sam Searle7122
24Becks Fan7120
27Chris Baker8117
28Geoff the German8115
28Jason Stanley9115
28Joe Clarkson7115
28Shaun McCann-115
32Mark Butler8114
33Pat McDonagh16113
33The Acre10113
35Henry Longhurst10112
35Rich Smith6112
37Graeme Fussell8111
39Dan Morrin12110
39Peter Johnson8110
39Steve Smith9110
43Richard Leach4108
44Kent Hatchet-107
44Richard Jennings7107
46Martin Tison7105
46Mike T6105
46Neil Harris5105
49Peter Coles6103
50Jack Baker12102
51John Goodwin10101
52Darren Ball699
53Simon Van Der Hook897
54Cliff Brotherwood894
55Pointless Predictions1188
56Bribeasy of the Yard-82
57Big G680
58John Haddock679
58Jon Wright -79
61Ian Murphy277
62Ben C674
63Charlie F-72
64Dean Hill-71
65Martyn Sexton-69
67Patrick Byrne466
68Perry Skinner-64
69Chris Dakin863
70Dave Morgan-60
71Paul Redfern-58
72Doug Heaps-57
72Stewart Sellings-57
74Martin Snelling554
75Carla Blair -53
75Peter Parry-53
77Neil Purdue852
78Nigel Randall-49
79Jon Phipps-47
80Jamie Valler-46
81Alfie Piper-45
82Callum Hampson-41
83Malcolm Greive-40
84Bob Lucas-39
84Neil Hunter-39
86Jonathon L-38
87Dan Mills-36
88Ian Wells-34
88Jamie Leggett-34
90Charlie C-32
92Dave Rusbridge-31
92Steve Rey-31
95Matt Gerrard-29
96Marc Richards-28
97Paul Brown-27
99Stuart Hodge826
100Roy Benton-24
101Mike Robinson-22
102Luke S-21
103Jack Gemmell-20
103Liam Kelly -20
106Jamie Poole-19
106Jay Thayre-19
106John Green-19
106Tony H-19
110Simon Baker-18
112Dean Jacquin 917
112Steve Burkey-17
114Callum Flynn-16
114Colin Day716
114Perry Allen-16
114Stephen Sage -16
118Lee McCall-15
118Scott Williamson-15
120Richard Dimmock-14
121Barry Adams -13
121Julian Beal-13
121Mike McEvoy-13
121Will Graham -13
128Colin Mair-12
128Dan Elliott-12
128Jamie H-12
128Jason CWFC Chair-12
128Steve Watson-12
133Alan Heath-11
133Daniel Edwards-11
133Gareth Austin-11
133Kevin Growns211
133Lekan Majoyegbe-11
141Aaron Jeffrey -10
141Alan Martin -10
141Benn Phillips-10
141Dean Jones-10
141Jon O'Mara-10
141Lydder -10
141Mick Coltis-10
141Trevor Hallam-10
141Wayne Priestman-10
152Cameron George-9
152Jim Webb Aus-9
152Joe Newman-9
152Mark Taylor-9
152Ryan Jarrett -9
157Alan Edwards -8
157Charlie Day-8
157Dillon Green-8
157Harry Harding-8
157Marc Mortlock-8
157Michael Brownlee-8
157Richard Day-8
157Sam C-8
157TWFC Supporter-8
168Alex Perseval-7
168Dan Cook-7
168Dan F-7
168Lou C-7
168Martin B-7
168Mike Wood-7
168Rob Golding-7
168Roger Birkin-7
168Steve Springett-7
178Charlie Himbury-6
178Dan P-6
178Gary Russell-6
178Jon Long -6
178Rodney Horrigan-6
185Alex Jones-5
185Constantin Scarlatt-5
185Jack Mahoney-5
185Jason Bradshaw-5
185Lee Harvey-5
185Peter J55
185Sadie Parker-5
185Sir Goosington-5
185Wally Colley -5
185Will Northcote-5
198Fitzgerald Edwards-4
198J Dog-4
198Jim Eason -4
198Simon Lynch Garbett-4
198Warren Farrow-4
203Dale Horton-3
203Gary Cramond-3
203Lewis Bentley-3
203Mark Potter-3
203Oliver Finch-3
203Stu W-3
209Eileen Vines-2
209Jamie S -2
212The Fizz-1
213Scott L-0


5 Points – Result predicted 100% correctly.
2 points – Correct outcome but wrong scoreline.
1 point – Correct goals scored for a team.

Maximum points scored per game is 5.


Prediction 3-2 Result 3-2 = 5 points
Prediction 3-1 Result 3-2 = 3 points
Prediction 2-2 Result 3-2 = 1 point

WEEK 19 PREDICTIONS! (1st February 2020)

Premier Division - 15:00 - 1st February 2020

Chatham Town

Hollands & Blair

Deal Town

Welling Town

Sheppey United


First Division - 15:00 - 1st February 2020

FC Elmstead



Sutton Athletic


Lydd Town

If you have entered before please use the same details!

Remember your scores as when you press submit they go unless you have used a proper email, where you will get a copy!




Rules and Guidelines

– This competition is just for fun with no prizes on offer. It is purely here so you can show off how good you are to your mates.

– Please enter a name and email on the form and use the same info each gameweek so we can add to your previous tally throughout the season.

– The cut-off time is kick-off, generally 3pm. Any entries recieved after will be disregarded.

– When you submit the form it will disappear. Remember, write down or screenshot your predictions if you want to see how you have done at Full Time. If you enter a valid email it will send you a copy.

– Should you wish to not use your own real name, for whatever reason, that is fine, just nothing rude and stick to it all year. Remember though if you are top of the table it is better to have used your real full name to collect the plaudits.

– Details on the form will not be shared and are only used to keep the game fair and in order. Only the name and points tallies will be seen by all on the Rankings Table.

– Games will be selected in a random fashion. Some because they are the ‘Higher profile’ matches of the week but the aim is to use every team across the SCEFL as much as possible.

– Most Gameweeks will be on the Saturday but if there is a decent midweek line-up we may well have a special on that night too.

– This will just be for games between SCEFL teams so is likely to just be League and League Cup competitions.

– As with every rule here we will probably change them to suit the game. Remember though, it’s just for fun.

– More rules will be added when I find the need to.

– The League table will show Name, Season Tally and Previous Weeks Tally. The Top Scorer of that week and Overall Leader may well be mentioned in website posts and on Social Media.

– Feel free to contact by email or DM if you wish to question your score from a previous week, change your name or have any other question to do with the game.

– If the same person enters twice I will take the final pick and ignore the original so if a mistake is made feel free to re-enter straight away.

– Mis-use of entries will result in a block by IP address. This will unfortunately see you blocked from the whole website though so be good.

– The table will be updated when I get time. It will be low priority compared to most things on here. I would expect a Sunday night or Monday update for the Saturday games with the following weeks form being added at that same time. No chance really of it being updated on the Saturday night so dont bother checking.

– The expected end date will be the final day of the League season. Nearer the time I will make it very clear.

– Remember, its just for fun. Fun and bragging rights.

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