Meridian VP

Address Meridian Sports & Social Club, Charlton Park Lane, Charlton, London SE7 8QS
Stadium Meridian Sports and Social Club
Affiliated to: Kent FA

Matchday pass numbers: 401-406
Chairman: Dwinder Tamna
Secretary & Fixtures Secretary: Dwinder Tamna
07977 274179
Correspondence Address: Bowmans Court, Swan Lane, Dartford, Kent DA1 3QL
Programme Editor: J Brinkley
Colours: Shirts: Shorts: Socks: Sky Blue; Keeper Shirt: Green
Change strip: Shirts: Gold; Shorts: Navy; Socks: Navy; Keeper Shirt: Flourescent Blue
Manager: Dwinder Tamna
Midweek home games Tuesday

24 Aug 2019 3:00 pm
Lydd Town
- -
Meridian VP
26 Aug 2019 3:00 pm
Meridian VP
- -
Bridon Ropes
Latest Matches
17 Aug 2019 3:00 pm
Kent Football Utd
1 4
Meridian VP
3 Aug 2019 3:00 pm
Meridian VP
1 2
Snodland Town
No players in the squad
  A very exciting and warm welcome to you all from the Chairman of Meridian VP FC for this new exciting season ahead being the fourth in the FA Step 6, KENT INVICTA FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2018/2019. Where can we start? You will know doubt remember from last season the clubs plans for our new stadium and we hope you are all pleased and excited with the extremely hard work carried out in order to meet our future targets which NOW are a reality not a dream or fiction. Our ground now meets Step 6, 5 & 4 criteria together with the clubs new management team in place you will see a new Meridian VP and progression towards our goals that have been put in place. Since the early days of Dartford & District Football League our humble beginnings, Meridian VP have achieved off the pitch and certainly on also with now the second year of our Youth Section taking enormous steps with teams in U14’s in the Kent Youth League and U13,12,11,U9,U8’s in the Selkent League. Behind the scenes the clubs main objective has now been realised, now it is a case of making sure Meridian VP FC develop in time in order to sustain a high level off football to meet the clubs targets of Step 5 & 4. The culmination of all the hard work, time and effort carried out by all is an enormous achievement and credit to the individuals & the club. We sincerely hope with the clubs new plans moving forward as expected, that you the supporter will follow the club on its website / twitter & the exciting journey this season continuing to support Meridian VP FC and enjoying your football as ever! The club is proud to announce that the FA ground grading officers were in town and after their inspection of the football club the club has achieved Grade ‘G’ criteria for the FA Football Pyramid Step 6. Finally one last word from me as I personally would like to thank everybody concerned who have helped in all capacities to help push the clubs directives forward, THANK YOU ! Without doubt whether on the pitch or off in all areas “Belief is Everything” in what you do in life as “everybody as a part to play when we stand together, as a family we can achieve great things” Yours truly Mr Dwinder Tamna - Chairman Meridian VP FC In 2016-17 Meridian finished 17th in the SCEFL First Division and improved to 15th the following Season. In 2018-19 the club finished bottom but avoided relegation so will have a chance to improve in the 2019-20 campaign.