The Club is on the up – says Deal Town Chairman David Chmura

deal town david chmura scefl

David Chmura, chairman of Deal Town is sounding optimistic, even if the club’s savings are being drained during the pandemic.

Speaking to Kent Online Mr Chmura revealed “The shutdown is harming us big time but the club is on the up.

“We have got absolutely no fear whatsoever. We will be in better order when we get back to playing football it’s just that our savings will be on its knees.

“This has tripped us up slightly but only delayed our progress more than anything.”

Like all SCEFL clubs, Deal still have bills to pay. The early end to the 2019/20 season meant the Hoops lost out in revenue from seven home fixtures.

And with crowds on the up prior to shutdown, that hurt.

Mr Chmura, a former player at Deal, said: “When the shutdown first happened we looked at the finances and we knew we had enough to keep us going for about 10 months.

“Obviously it would decimate our funds and savings and we may have to forgo some of things [we want to do] but we have enough.

“Now is our close season anyway but it is a very strange. The biggest worry is when do we start playing again? It is quite possible we won’t get a game on here until the new year.”

The club secured a 99-year lease on the Charles Ground two years ago, something previous chairman fought hard to achieve. Since then there has been much done.

“We are moving on and we haven’t let this (crisis) beat us or worry us too much,” added the chairman.

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