Top Scorers

2018-2019 Top Scorers Tables

Below is the Top Scorers Tables for both Divisions

Results are taken from the details entered by each club into the FA Full Time site but also checked across various sources.

Results shown here only include games played in the SCEFL Divisions and Challenge Cup

Updated to and including 15th February 2019

Premier Division Top Scorers 18-19
Dan Bradshaw Sheppey United 25
Paul Vines Chatham Town 20
Sam Bewick Corinthian 17
Anthony Edgar Cray Valley PM 16
Richard Atkins Beckenham Town 16
Kevin Lisbie Cray Valley PM 14
Byron Walker Chatham Town 14
Jason Thompson Tunbridge Wells 13
Rob Brown Fisher 13
Laurent Hamici Punjab United 12
Shaun Brown Corinthian 12
Francis Babalola Cray Valley PM 11
Dave Pilcher Deal Town 11
Jordan Casey Canterbury City 11
Jon Pilbeam Chatham Town 10
Peter Wiliams Bearsted 10
Connor Coyne Deal Town 9
Reece Collins Bearsted 9
Michael Hagan Chatham Town 9
Jamie Humphris Tunbridge Wells 9
Aaron Jeffrey Erith Town 9
Denzel Gayle Cray Valley PM 9
Sam Stace K Sports 8
Luke Leppard Crowborough Athletic 8
Jack Funnell Crowborough Athletic 8
Joe Nwoko AFC Croydon Athletic 8
Jason Perry K Sports 8

First Division Top Scorers 18-19
Harry Harding Erith & Belvedere 26
Ryan Golding Welling Town 22
Richard Jimoh Bridon Ropes 19
Nathan Simpson Bridon Ropes 15
JoJo Ogunbiyi Erith & Belvedere 15
Max Morgan Holmesdale 14
Joe Minter Stansfeld 14
Josh Patrick SC Thamesmead 13
Tom Scorer Kennington 13
Sam Conlon Kennington 12
Andy Constable Holmesdale 12
Conor Evans Sutton Athletic 11
Gary Lockyer Kennington 11
Steve Wetherley SC Thamesmead 10
Luke Rooney Stansfeld 10
Henry Dasofunjo Bridon Ropes 9
Dave Sherwood Snodland Town 9
Akin Lawal Forest Hill Park 9
Kelvin Adjei Lewisham Borough 9
Kameiko Pope-Campbell Forest Hill Park 8
Enoch Adjei Welling Town 8
Jordan Samuel Welling Town 8
Guyliano Mpungi Erith & Belvedere 8
James Sutherland Sutton Athletic 8
George Latham Kennington 8
Arlie Desanges Sutton Athletic 8


With every SCEFL game the home side will forward a message after every goal with the scorers name and time of goal and we will use that information to quickly update the website.

Unfortunately the person may make an error with the scorers identity or send 'Scorer Unknown' if unsure who got the goal. This generally only happens with the away sides scorer and indeed almost half of the away scorers names sent through end up being wrong and we have to change as soon as we are made aware. We use a few other ways of trying to get the info correct but depending on how active the scoring side is on Social Media will reflect on how long it takes. During the games we try and do regular sweeps of Twitter to check the info and will usually change an away scorer to that mentioned on there, especially if it has been written with a decent description of how the goal was scored and therfore is probably good information. This is not an easy task to carry out though on a Saturday as goals are flying in so we prioritise just using the initial information given and looking to confirm and correct as needed when we can later.

Some teams are better than others at sending the info, some are always correct and some rarely get an away scorer right.

In the hours after a game we will also get calls from Team officials correcting us on away scorer information aswell and regularly get players saying it was them that scored and not the person mentioned.

The biggest frustration from wrong scorer info sent in on a Saturday is that by 5.30pm the 'Non League Paper' report is written by an outside party from the info on our website. At that stage it is common for a few names to still be wrong and that player misses seeing their name in print in the paper.

For us, In the long run it is not a major issue as we will then use Match Reports, Social Media, Corrections sent in and then finally the FA Full Time website to confirm the info and compile our statistics like Top Goalscorers records. The FA Full Time report is the main confirmation point as that is written by each clubs' secretary and rarely contains errors. The only issue being that this can take a number of days to get done by them and this is why there is a delay to the Scorers Leaderboard getting updated.

In this table we only use SCEFL goals but we also collect info from all competitions for us to refer to in reports and features throughout the season.

It is worth noting that the Top Scorers chart on the FA Full Time website is not a good place to refer to as most clubs make small errors on it, for example most will award a player two goals for every penalty scored as there is a penalty column and they will tick that AND tick goal, meaning he is awarded two goals instead of one for every penalty scored.

I have good written records of every goal and game and am confident that by 2-3 days after the match and after looking at all info available to me my records are correct. I would prefer this to just be 2-3 hours but this is Non League football and we are all volunteers so this is where we are at. The easiest way to speed this up would be if Clubs put the details on the FA Full Time website sooner, many do it in 1-2 days but some can take a week.

These records are made easier by getting the correct info quickly so if you notice an error or want to challenge me on something please do so via email -