Steps 5/6 Meeting – 20th August


Following the news that we can allow theReturn of Spectatorsto our grounds the FA held a Steps 5/6 meeting last night from which we can provide the following update which clarifies a few points.

The DCMS is very clear that a risk assessment needs to have been completed before spectators are allowed into a game/ground. This is not a league or FA requirement but a Government one.

Spectator capacity is based on the Home Club and the Step they are playing at. eg Kennington play at Step 6 and despite playing at a Step 4 ground they are classed as Step 6 so the 15% is 150 not Ashford’s capacity.

The 150 spectators is paying spectators through the gate and does not include players/club officials/league officials referee observers/referee mentors, who will have need to have told the home club they are attending.

On FA Medical advice thermometers are not the sole decision maker as to whether someone is allowed in to watch or play, symptom declaration and self-checking is also required.

All clubs need to have completed Stage One on at least one game before moving onto Stage Two and have updated their Risk Assessment accordingly.
– This needs to be on their website and lodged with the league
– TRACK and TRACE – is a free track and trace app so will save time on tracking who comes to the games, and of all clubs use it , it works for spectators.
– If clubs want to continue to play behind closed doors that is acceptable,

It is really important that clubs buy into and follow this protocol so that football is not closed down within a couple of weeks time because of poor behaviour. We all need to really manage this whole process.