Snodland Town confirm Management Team for next Season

Snodland Town have confirmed that Kane Rice & Simon Austin will take the club forward into the 2019/20 season.

After taking over in troubled times the duo led Snodland to safety and will now aim higher in the next campaign.

Speaking via the Club Website, Simon Austin gave this assesment of the season;

Firstly, Kane and I would like to say thank you for your support both home and away for the period we have been in charge. There are some games that stick out where the vocal support really has been a big lift, Forest Hill Park and Bridon Ropes, both away games, immediately spring to mind.

We came to the club in difficult circumstances, but with a very very clear objective. We started off and assessed a range of things: players, up-coming games, training, set up and professionalism. We were very aware given the situation the club found themselves in that we had to make a big and immediate impact. We made our decisions based on a variety of information as well as our own judgements on what was needed – data can only take you so far. We watched Snodland games and created player packs. Reviewed that with the current group we had at Kings Hill. Reviewed those against the first set of games and how we would work that best to start picking up points straight away. We both feel that as the seasons comes to a close our decisions were correct as ultimately, we’ve stayed in the division. That’s not to say that it played out perfectly. We did lose some players that we wanted to keep, and we dropped more points from winning positions that we would expect too.

We didn’t just want to stay up though, we really wanted to use the time to begin to look at and assess the league, the successful teams and why they are up there, players, officials, facilities etc. to start to build towards next season. We’ve tried a few things out in terms of shape, personnel, approach etc. which may have resulted in some of the dropped points, but it was a conscious decision made and one we could afford ourselves once we knew we were safe from relegation.

The current squad has shown it can compete at this level, there has been some really impressive performances, and stylish football played which is pleasing for this is how we want to set ourselves up. We cannot sit still though and want to continue to improve (on the pitch) as do the club (off the pitch). We will be looking to continue to work with our squad to develop and grow, as well as looking to add to the group with the right new faces. This is not just the playing side, we have to look at ourselves as a management team to develop and improve and will be looking to make some changes over the summer.

We have moved the club forwards and believe in setting ourselves up in the most professional way you can, which as been fully supported by the club. We all know what we’d do with a eutopia, but it is about ensuring we are tailored with the resources available achieve and maintain the highest levels you can.

We would like to thank our whole management team for the effort, support and excellence provided during the course of the season.

Kane and I and the whole management team have been made to feel very welcome by everyone associated with the club. During our original discussions commitments were made by both sides and as the seasons comes to an end, I can say that these commitments have been kept. Personally speaking the working relationship between the club and Kane and I has started very well.

Lastly and great news, a fantastic achievement by all behind the scenes with the development of the ground works. It will add to the already impressive facilities for a club at this level.

Thank you all for your on-going support and we look forward to seeing you all next season.

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