Local Football Clubs targeted by thieves

It seems that the Summer has brought with it a series of thefts from Football Clubs across the Area including a few of our SCEFL sides being targeted, especially for the outdoor electrical equipment.

Last Week Glebe FC were hit, with a sit-on Lawnmower taken among other things.

Any information regarding this, please contact the Club.

Lordswood also reported a burglary last Thursday night. A Huge amount of damage was done to the groundsmans locked garage store. Padlocks were cut off and shutter door smashed in. An estimated £10,000 of damage was done.

Former SCEFL side Orpington FC had their Clubhouse and Groundsmans lock-up broken into and as a result saw their Lawnmowers taken aswell as trophies and other electrical equipment also removed. Further details here

All of this obviously causes huge financial issues and can severly affect a club’s future.
The break-ins seem to follow a similar pattern with the offenders having the equipment to easily cut through padlocks and are happy to drive across fields to get nearer to their target.

Please can everyone review their Security arrangements whilst this is going on and if you have been hit please share the details with us so we can highlight to a wider audience.
If your Club has been hit, even if you have no SCEFL connections, feel free to forward a list of items taken with photos if possible so we can share on this post in the hope that it may help for their recovery.

We cannot let them win.