Crowborough Athletic Chairman resigns

Crowborough Athletic Chairman Clive Maynard has resigned from his position at the Premier Division Club.

A statement on the Crows website reads;

“It is with deep regret that the Executive Committee this evening have accepted the resignation of Clive Maynard as Chairman of Crowborough Athletic.

In his time at the club he has lead a team which has turned the club around. Thanks to Clive’s tireless works the club is now in a good place to weather the current conditions.

We will miss the enthusiasm that Clive has provided the club, leading from the front and being a figurehead for what the club wants to be

I am pleased to announce that Paul Rawson has agreed to step forward as interim chairman until a permanent replacement can be found

Thank you Clive for the support you have provided the club, and we hope to see you at a game soon, whenever football is permitted to return.”