Step 5 PPG Table

Step 5 PPG Table

Due to changes within the Non League Pyramid next Season there are 26 promotion spots across the 14 Step 5 Leagues up for grabs. The 14 Champions from each League are guaranteed places leaving 12 spots left from the 14 second placed teams. Those 12 will be the highest Points Per Game sides leaving just 2 second placed sides missing out. The below table shows an update of current standings taken from all second placed sides across the Leagues. It is just to be used as a guide to give a rough idea of how things stand. Obviously there may be teams in lower places that may have better PPG averages due to having played less games but I have just used the current second placed teams to keep it as simple as possible.

As with all Promotions and Relegations the FA will make the final decision once the Season has finished.

Updated: 22/04/18

Points Per Game at Step 5
Team League Played Points PPG
Bracknell Town Hellenic 35 89 2.54
Pontefract Collieries NCE 36 88 2.44
Marske United Northern 1 32 78 2.43
Felixstowe and Walton United Eastern Co 42 102 2.42
Blackfield & Langley Wessex 39 93 2.38
Basildon United Essex 37 85 2.29
Bedfont Sports Comb Co 39 87 2.23
Berkhamsted Spartan 38 85 2.23
Wisbech Town UCL 38 83 2.18
Whitstable Town SCEFL 34 73 2.14
Three Bridges South Comb 35 75 2.14
Bradford Town Western 35 75 2.14
Highgate United Midland 38 81 2.13
Widnes NWC 39 81 2.07

So as we can see Widnes plus Highgate United would be the current Second Placed teams to miss out should the Season end today.

But, Just to make it more complicated Thurrock and also Shortwood United are expected to Fold at the end of the Season and with Osset Town and Ossett Albion due to merge there will be 3 extra spaces appearing higher up the pyramid. My expectation is that due to this all 14 2nd place teams are likely to get promotion.

However this will only be clarified at the end of the Season by the FA so it is far safer to just make sure our SCEFL side is not in the bottom two of the PPG table.

Below is a table looking at the Points Per Game averages for the sides in the Top 3 places in our own SCEFL Premier Division. With a week left of the Season any of these sides could end up in Second place so it is worth looking at how they average at the moment.

Updated: 22/04/18

PPG for Top 4 of SCEFL Premier Division
Team Played Points PPG
Sevenoaks Town 35 79 2.25
Whitstable Town 34 73 2.14
Crowborough Athletic 34 69 2.02

An update ahead of the National League System changes for the 2018-19 Season

The FA’s Leagues Committee have revealed provisional Step 3 and 4 league boundaries ahead of next season’s National League System shake-up.

From 2018/19, a new division will be introduced at Steps 3 and 4.

At their meeting on February 6, the Committee decided the principles to be applied when allocating clubs at the two steps.

The Committee decision was taken after hearing the results of two exercises, the first using the tables at the end of last season (2016/17) and the second based on the tables as of January 2 2018.

At Step 3, the decision is to implement a north division, a central band, plus south west and south east divisions, as shown in our graphic below.

In this current season, 2017-18 there are just the three Divisions with the extra League being added to aid clubs by reducing travel costs. It is also a step closer to the aim of having a proper pyramid formation of 1-2-4-8-16 Leagues across the country.


Step Three

The Southern League will administer the Orange and Green areas, the Isthmian League the Yellow area and the Northern Premier League to administer the area coloured Purple.

At Step 4, the seven areas will be divided as shown in our graphic below.

The Northern Premier League will divide into two and is calling a meeting of its clubs to decide whether to remain with a north/south split or to change to an east/west allocation

The changes within the system have created a need for extra teams to be promoted from Step 5. More details on which sides could benefit from this can be found at the top of this page.



Step Four

The Isthmian League has responsibility for the green, light blue and yellow areas, the Southern League administers the purple and dark blue areas and the Northern Premier League in the area coloured orange.

It is emphasised by the FA that, for the time being, this is a guide only and they have deliberately not included names of clubs because the full allocation can only be made when the identities of the constituent clubs are known.

It is clarified that this is for season 2018/19 and the make-up of clubs in future seasons may alter this approach.

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