PPG for Step 6

PPG for Step 6

Step 6 Promotion Guidelines

At the end of this Season 28 Teams across the 19 Step 6 Divisions will be promoted to Step 5

This will comprise of each League winner plus the 9 best second Placed Team based on their Points Per Game totals.

Below we will track the current standings to see if our second placed SCEFL Division One side would claim a promotion place

Latest Update 18th March 2019



As we can see we have some improvements to be made if we are to see two sides make the step up as we once again see how strong the SCEFL is throughout compared to other Leagues across the country.

At the end of the Regular Playing Season the Clubs in the bottom two positions of each of the nineteen Step 6 divisions will be liable to relegation.

No more than 38 Clubs will be promoted from Step 7. Where the eligible Clubs count does not reach 38 in number, reprieves of Step 6 Clubs shall come into effect on a points per game basis. For example, if 34 teams come up from Step 7 instead of the maximum of 38, then the 4 clubs with the best PPG averages will be reprieved.

The bottom club will not be eligible for a reprieve.

Below is a spreadsheet showing current PPG totals for Step 6 sides across the country.

Latest Update - 18th March 2019

- Full Promotion and Relegation guidelines are here -

With thanks to Alan Heath for the updated spreadsheets!