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A home for news of player transfers between SCEFL clubs

(Transfer Deadline Day is 31st March - 5pm)

March 2019

George Palmer - Cray Valley PM to FC Elmstead

Ryan Alan Golding - Bearsted to Sheppey United

Lewis Scotter - Rochester Utd to Erith Town.

Ben Nourse - Chatham to Rochester Utd

Callum Edwards - Kennington to Rochester Utd

Dewain West - Forest Hill Park to Meridian VP

Oscar Hall - Meridian VP to Forest Hill Park

Jack Mahoney - Corinthian from Chatham Town

Jake Rose - Beckenham to Fisher

Tiwalde Fujamade - Bridon Ropes to Meridian VP

Luke Medley - Croydon to Punjab Utd

Joe Wilkins - Snodland Town to Rochester United

Paul Gross - Rochester United to Chatham Town

Ashley Shepherd - Welling Town to Holmesdale

Josh Froggatt - Canterbury City to Lordswood

Billy Johnson - Rusthall to Crowborough Ath

Rory Salter - Corinthian to Crowborough Ath

Ahmed Deen - Kent Football to FC Elmstead

Joe Mant - Kennington to Deal Town

Nic Taylor - Punjab United to Meridian VP

Kameiko Pope-Campbell - Forest Hill Park to Erith & Belvedere

Jack Bullock - Fisher to Meridian VP

Ben Davisson - Chatham Town to Tunbridge Wells

Mick Mackangou - AFC Croydon Ath to Meridian VP

Antonio Gonnella - Crowborough Ath to FC Elmstead

February 2019

Shane Masiello - Holmesdale to Forest Hill Park

Eitel Goueth - Chatham Town to Rochester United

Lousi Dos Santos - Chatham Town to Rochester United

Stefan Joseph - Crowborough Ath to Croydon

Michael Power - Punjab United to Tunbridge Wells

Jerome Walker - Crowborough Ath to Croydon

Steven Karkari - Cray Valley to FC Elmstead

Tim Moffatt - Glebe to Meridian VP

James Magri - Lordswood to Holmesdale

Harrison Carnegie - Tunbridge Wells to Chatham Town

Luke Wheatley - Sheppey Utd to Canterbury

Marc Powell - Kent Football Utd to Welling Town

Henri Fulton - Rochester Utd to Glebe

Teddy Nelson - Sheppey United to Lordswood

Elyon Marshall-Katung - Holmesdale to Glebe

Jay Jones - Lewisham Boro to Fisher

Jason Barton - Tunbridge Wells to Crowborough Ath

Jamie Lawrence - Holmesdale to FC Elmstead

Thomas Ngegba - Sutton Athletic to FC Elmstead

Joe Smith - Phoenix Sports Res to Stansfeld

Ben Nourse - Hollands & Blair to Chatham Town

Louis Clarke - Chatham Town to Rusthall

Raheem Chentouf - Welling Town to Lewisham Boro

Rob Denness - Sheppey Utd to Hollands & Blair

Lewis Mitchell - Kent Football Utd to Erith Town

Nahum Green - Erith Town to Crowborough Ath

Alex Arif - K Sports to Forest Hill Park

Dean Carpenter - Beckenham Town to SC Thamesmead

Sam Fitzgerald - Holmesdale to Phoenix Sports Res.

Brett Ince - Chatham Town to Hollands & Blair

January 2019

Leon Ojutalayo - Erith Town to Holmesdale

Alex Nelson - Erith Town to Holmesdale

Theo White - Sheppey United to Rochester United

Chris Hubbard - Holmesdale to SC Thamesmead

James Day - Lydd Town to Glebe

Lewis Scotter - Erith Town to Holmesdale

Brett Ince - Canterbury City to Chatham Town

Jordan Greaves - Lewisham Boro to AFC Croydon Ath

Dwayne Agyemang - Fisher to Glebe

Max Morgan - Rochester Utd to Holmesdale

Leo Webster - Forest Hill Park to Holmesdale

Harry Dawes - Snodland Town to Hollands & Blair

Marlon Patterson - Glebe to Welling Town

James Shields - K Sports to Forest Hill Park

Frederick Obasa - Glebe to Chatham Town.

Harry Gamble - Stansfeld to Welling Town

Donvieve Jones - Punjab United to Rusthall

Jordan Samuel - FC Elmstead to Welling Town

December 2018

Conrad Lee - Sheppey United to Chatham Town

Charlie Clover - Corinthian to Rusthall

James Fitzgerald - Lydd Town to Holmesdale

Nahum Green - AFC Croydon to Erith Town

Taylor McDonagh - Chatham Town to Erith Town

Richard Gregory - Sutton Athletic to Hollands and Blair

Adrian Stone - Erith Town to Crowborough Ath

Thomas Webb - Snodland Town to Rochester United

Curtis Riley - Snodland Town to Rochester United

Nic Taylor - AFC Croydon to Punjab United

Tim Moffatt - Fisher to Glebe

Jack Godfrey - Rochester Utd to Welling Town

Chris Edwards - Sheppey Utd to Cray Valley

Dillon Green - Meridian VP to Erith+Belvedere

Kieran McGiffin - Greenways to Punjab United

Andres Tobon - Erith Town to Corinthian

Ross Murphy - Punjab United to Greenways

Regan Corke - Rusthall to K Sports

Tarik Ibrahim - Phoenix Sports Res. to Sheppey United

November 2018

Colby Wait - Tunbridge Wells to K Sports

Laurent Hamici - Glebe to Punjab United

Reece Gillies - Snodland Town to K Sports

Caine Smith - Greenways to K Sports

James Magri - Fisher to Lordswood

James Fitzgerald - Phoenix Sports Res. to Lydd Town.

Jack Mahon - Lordswood to Erith Town,

Jez Hammond - Bearsted to Beckenham

Ola Williams - Lewisham to Tunbridge Wells

Dane Moore - Kent Football to Tunbridge Wells

Jacob Skelly - Croydon to Fisher.

Jamie Humphris - Beckenham to Tunbridge Wells

Caine Smith - Lordswood to Greenways

Jojo Ogunbiyi - Holmesdale to Erith+Belvedere

Kushal Campbell-Palmer - Erith Town to Fisher

Anthony Fenech - Sutton Athletic to Sporting Club Thamesmead

Spencer Flowers - K Sports to Rusthall

Rory Skinner - Sporting Club Thamesmead to Rochester

October 2018

John Brown - Rochester to Sheppey United

Bobby Holley - Stansfeld to Erith+Belevedere

Daniel Carpanni - Fisher to AFC Croydon

Jason Thompson - Chatham to Tunbridge Wells

Stefan Lawrence - Lydd Town to Canterbury City

Connor Dobson - SC Thamesmead to Erith & Belvedere

Russell Bedford - Chatham Town to Erith Town

Marvin Alebiosu - Beckenham Town to Sporting Club Thamesmead

Brima Daramy - Welling Town to Forest Hill Park

Robert Lofting - Sheppey United to Tunbridge Wells.

Richard Sesay - Holmesdale to Phoenix Sports Res.

Marlon Patterson - Kent Football Utd to Glebe

Richard Jimoh - Bridon Ropes to SC Thamesmead

Reece Barrett - Kent Football Utd to Erith & Belvedere

Bryan Zepo - Glebe to Holmesdale

Arlie Desanges - Canterbury City to Welling Town

Daniel Ellis - Crowborough Athletic to Chatham Town

Andrade Caetano - Erith Town to Sporting Club Thamesmead

Kerran Boylan - Glebe to Rusthall

Nicholas Gonsalves - Kent Football to Holmesdale

Jordan Anderson - Kent Football to Holmesdale

Matthew Martin - Canterbury City to Lydd Town

Scott Wibley - Hollands & Blair to Tunbridge Wells

Ryan Cheek - Canterbury City to Lordswood.

Daniel Smith - Crowborough Athletic to Lordswood

Jamie Kelly - Holmesdale to Lydd Town

Jacob Kalonda - Welling Town to Bridon Ropes

September 2018

Harrison Hume - Rochester Utd to Snodland Town

Charlie Sharman - FC Elmstead to Rusthall

Callum Wraight - Sheppey United to Rochester United

Jason Mensah - Beckenham Town to Holmesdale.

Theo White - Greenways to Sheppey United

Harry Hepworth - Kent Football to Phoenix Sports Res.

Tunde Aderonmu - Kent Football to Fisher

Elyon Marshall - Keating - Erith & Belvedere to Holmesdale

Lee Friend - Phoenix Sports Res to Erith & Belvedere

Jim Day - Erith Town to Glebe

Jamie Hurst - Lydd Town to Bearsted

David Adekoya - Phoenix Sports Res. to Holmesdale

Harry Wooton - SC Thamesmead to Phoenix Sports Res.

Kerran Boylan - K Sports to Glebe

August 2018

Jake Rose - Cray Valley to Beckenham Town

Daniel Willis - Kent Football United to SC Thamesmead

Luke Adams - Greenways to Punjab United

George Batten - Sheppey United to Rochester

Justin Ascheri - Erith Town to Hollands+Blair

Callum Flynn - Holmesdale to Sutton Athletic

Andy Constable - Rochester to Holmesdale

Shane Masiello - Forest Hill Park to Holmesdale

Jonathon Rogers - Rochester to Bearsted

Kieron Fallon - Bridon Ropes to Forest Hill Park

Joe Nwoko - Cray Valley to AFC Croydon

Rory Salter - Tunbridge Wells to Corinthian

Eulalco Caetano - Forest Hill Park to Erith Town

Aaron Jeffrey - SC Thamesmead to Erith Town

William Muckle - Erith Town to Holmesdale

Scott Wibley - Erith Town to Hollands+Blair

Tony Hill - SC Thamesmead to Erith & Belvedere

Sam Fitzgerald - Phoenix Sports Res to Holmesdale

Merrick Sims - Erith Town to SC Thamesmead

Jack Funnell - Rusthall to Crowborough Athletic

Connor Dobson - Cray Valley to SC Thamesmead

Stefan Lawrence - Canterbury City to Lydd Town.