Meet The Clubs!

Meet The Clubs!

With just 3 weeks remaining until the new season kicks-off now is the right time to look at the Clubs that will be new to the SCEFL and taking their place at Step 6 for the very first time.

Kennington, Greenways and Welling Town have all come through from the Kent County Leagues and each have an interesting story to tell.

We have already heard from Welling Town and Kennington, their stories were well received and can still be viewed here

Now it is the turn of Greenways FC. New to us in the SCEFL but a progressive club with a great history.

How long have they been around? How did they get here? How will they get on?

The perfect person to talk to to find out more about Greenways is from their Manager, Rob Jeffery, so we did that and this is what we found out....


Thanks for your time Rob, how long have you been involved with Greenways and how did that all come about?

I had a season at Greenways when I was 17 & then re-joined the club some 9 years later in the 2011-2012 season. Greenways have always been a well-known club locally & I had a couple of close friends who were playing at Greenways at the time. Following the 2011/2012 season we had a new manager who was looking to take the reins, unfortunately he had to pull out for personal reason and I was asked if I would step in to Player/Manage the club. The rest as they say is history. In this spell it will be my 8th season with the club & my 7th as Player/Manager.

We are a few weeks into Pre-Season now, how are things going so far?

Pre-season is shaping up well, the boys are working hard & together we’re focused on the task ahead. We’re progressing on a weekly basis both in terms of fitness and in terms of how we want the boys to play this season. We’re under no illusions that this is a step up so we’re taking no chances when it comes to preparation.

Have you kept a similar squad to last time or are there alot of new faces around the place?

We’ve managed to retain the entire squad that finished last season which is pleasing. We will strengthen in certain areas but there won’t be wholesale changes, I believe the boys are more than capable of competing at this level. That being said the league is naturally more demanding with the number of games we need to play so we’re looking to add a few faces to freshen and improve the existing squad we have. We also have a couple of long term injuries to myself (ACL) and Junior Farrell (snapped Achilles) so with those both being long term there Is a natural requirement to add.

Should we be looking out for any stars within the team this Season?

I’m fortunate to have a great bunch of lads who have been with each other for a long time now. They all contribute a huge amount to our success, whether that be the Josh Kleman making a great save, a defenders last ditch tackle, midfielder that breaks up play or a striker that sticks the ball in the back of the net. We don’t have superstars, we have a togetherness and a belief that we can achieve anything we put our minds to but we also know that to achieve that we have to work as one.

Will the team cope with the step up? Is it a case of just holding your own and surviving or are you aiming to compete?

We’re certainly not here to make up the numbers, the boys have been itching to get in this league for a few years now and I am confident that we will not only hold our own but hopefully surprise a few people along the way. There is of course an element of unknown for us but I see that as a positive.

You will be playing at the K Sports Cobdown complex, how have you found it there so far and any concerns of playing on the 3G pitch?

Absolutely delighted to be down at K Sports, it really is a first class facility & one that is only going to get better. We’re very appreciative and fortunate to be a part of that. K Sports FC have been very welcoming and all of the staff have been fantastic. I have to give a special mention to Alan Dennington for helping us get this over the line, Scott Byers and his team for keeping the pitches in an immaculate condition & Danielle Baker for coordinating everything in the background. Those in the Kent County League will be aware that we like to play football, they will also be aware that historically our pitches have been quite counterproductive when it comes to delivering that. K Sports is an absolute dream of a pitch and it will certainly suit our style of play for the upcoming season.

You look after on-field matters, but off the pitch do you feel Greenways are well set up to cope with the extra workload that will inevitably come the clubs way?

In terms of backroom staff, we’re a small club and there are number of people that wear many hats. We consulted with numerous people before making the decision to apply for promotion so whilst there is certainly an increase in admin it’s not come as a shock. The club has been running for over 50 years with the late Bob Hillier and Willie Miller being stalwarts spanning the majority of our existence. We lost Willie suddenly in March 2017 & that was a huge shock to the club. He was an Inspirational man, a good friend and someone that dedicated his life to Greenways. He really was Mr Greenways and my sole aim is to ensure that this club continues with the same ethos, commitment and passion that Willie demanded from this great club.

You have made the step up alongside Kennington. Are you looking forward to continuing you rivalry with them in the SCEFL?

Kennington are a club we obviously know very well and a club we have a lot of respect for. I’ve known Dan Scorer for a while now and as a club have a lot of similarities. We always look forward to the games with Kennington and I suppose there is a natural rivalry there because we have both been successful over the last couple of years. I’m glad they managed to secure promotion with us into the SCEFL league and I wish them all the best for the upcoming season.

Are there any other clubs you are particularly looking forward to playing?

There’s a lot of big clubs with some great history in this league so its difficult to pick out specifics. It was certainly a shock and a real shame regarding Gravesham Borough as there’s a lot of history and a great rivalry there which stems back many years. I’m sure they’ll be back on their feet soon and it would be great to see them back in the league in the near future. We’re looking forward to every game though and we can’t wait to get started.

Well, thanks a lot for your time Rob and good luck for the coming Season.

To find out more on Greenways please visit their Directory page here and make sure you follow them on Twitter! @GreenwaysFC

If any other clubs want to spread the word about their side feel free to contact me!